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8,000 volunteers

The 235 various Oxfam-Wereldwinkels could not exist without the ongoing commitment of thousands of volunteers working within numerous local groups. These volunteers organise their own work and are supported by the Oxfam-Wereldwinkels National Secretariat. Moreover, they determine the way the whole organisation is run.

Whether staffing shops, organising debates or distributing magazines... Everyone has their role to play in running an Oxfam-Wereldwinkel. However, Oxfam-Wereldwinkel volunteers do far more than just working in charity shops. They also make important decisions about organisational policy.

From Local to National

Oxfam-Wereldwinkels vzw is made up of around 200 local groups across Flanders and Brussels, each of which is entirely autonomously organised and run. They all have their own governing body and organise their own activities themselves.

They also report to the Oxfam-Wereldwinkels National Secretariat in Ghent. The partners with whom we collaborate are selected on the basis of common agreements, as are the range of products in the shops. National campaigns are also run jointly, logistical support is available and an extensive range of training given, etc.

Local groups collaborate at regional level. They attend strategic regional meetings where the shops meet up, exchange ideas and work on future projects.

All voluntary workers bring their own skills, their own opinions and their own experience.

Strategic Bodies

At national level, the overall organisation of Oxfam-Wereldwinkels is set out at the General Meeting (GM). All official stores can request voting rights and send a delegate to the GM which meets at least twice a year.

The Board of Directors (BD) is the decision-making body with the highest authority within Oxfam-Wereldwinkels. Elected at the GM for a term of three years, Board members are volunteers and have ultimate responsibility for the organization as a whole. They organise the GM and are responsible for day-to-day decision-making.

All voluntary workers bring their own skills, their own opinions and their own experience. Oxfam-Wereldwinkels volunteers put their valuable expertise to work in various different national committees and working groups, which support the Board of Directors and the National Secretariat and advise them on specific issues such as partnerships or sales.