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Mission & Vision

Our mission has been unaltered for over 40 years: Oxfam-Worldshops is a democratic volunteer movement that strives towards fair world trade in order to defend the universal right for a dignified life.

Oxfam-Worldshops works on righteous rules for international trade. We believe fair trade gives producers in the South the chance of gaining independence, wich will contribute to a more economical development.

We make people conscious of wrongdoings in world trade via public campaigns, actions with youths and schools, and by starting a dialogue with politicians and companies. And, of course, by our 235 Oxfam-Worldshops, specialty shops which advocate fair trade. Our wide range of quality home brand Oxfam Fair Trade products proves we can do things differently.

Eight thousand volunteers spread our story. They run Oxfam-Worldshops, forge ties with other organizations and let people discover what fair trade means.


In 1942, the ‘Oxford Committe for Famine Relief’ (Oxfam) came into existence. At first, Oxfam offered help to the Greek population which suffered from famine and was occupied by the Nazis. Today the confederation of Oxfam International is known as an international organization which empowers people to fight worldwide poverty.

In 1964, the Belgian Oxfam side branch was founded. In the beginning, its focus lay mainly on the fight for decolonization. Oxfam-in-Belgium supported the decolonized states consequently.


Oxfam-Worldshops (°1971) is the first organization to advocate fair trade in Belgium and counts 235 worldshops. It’s a democratic volunteer movement, which strives for fair trade all over the world and for the universal right to a dignified life. The organization tries to achieve these goals by raising awareness, lobbying and by selling fair trade products. In 2002, Oxfam-Worldshops brought its trading activities under another umbrella organization called the SCRL Oxfam Fair Trade. Nowadays, Oxfam Fair Trade is considered as the best known brand for products with a fair trade origin. The company imports, distributes and sells these products.

Oxfam-Solidarity is an NGO that supports developmental projects in the South by collecting funds and selling goods in a chain of second-hand shops. In addition, Oxfam-Solidarity performs various political actions.

Oxfam-Magasins du monde is a French sister organization of Oxfam-Worldshops. Magasins du monde has approximately 100 worldshops in Wallonia and Brussels and imports handicraft products with a fair trade origin.